How To Recover Deleted Email From Hotmail Account?

If you’re a regular user of any email service, the chances are high that you’ve deleted some emails by accident. This is an issue that occurs very often, which is why Microsoft has decided to deal with it. Instead of getting complaints from users about this problem, Hotmail developers decided to solve it. That’s why they created a special folder, in which all deleted emails end up, before being deleted forever.

The folder in question is appropriately named “Deleted” folder. In order to bring back the lost email, all you got to do is go to that folder and look for the email. To make finding it easy, you can use the search option – just type in the email of the sender, or the subject line of the message, or any other detail you remember.

Once you locate the deleted message, the next step is to bring it back to the Inbox. You can do that by holding the left-click and bringing the message to the chosen folder. Of course, if you don’t need the email back in the Inbox folder, you can open in there, in the Deleted folder. When you’re sure that you won’t be needing the emails anymore, you can delete them forever, by emptying the Deleted folder.

How to Get Back Permanently Deleted Emails?

If you’ve emptied the Deleted folder, it means that the deleted emails are gone forever. Still, this is not completely true, as there’s a way to retrieve them. Microsoft saves emails on their servers for some time, meaning that you can ask the company to send the deleted emails back. Unfortunately, this process is very long and complicated, which is why we advise you to ask professionals to assist you.

Give a call to the Hotmail support number Ireland +353-766705838 if you want to get the deleted emails back. This Hotmail tech support has the knowledge needed to help you with this, but also many other problems related to emails.


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